NORSelast AF

NORSelast AF – A Research Project

NORSelast AF is a research project that will try to develop the first polyurethane material in the world with AntiFouling properties lasting for at least 10 years. The material NORSelast® AF is to be made by mixing environment friendly substances with AntiFouling properties in the material while retaining the good mechanical properties of the NORSelast® material. The substances do not adversely affect the environment, but prevent the formation of biofilm. The aim of the project is to create an environmentally friendly plastic material, which seaweed and tare will not grow on. Today’s coating systems for minimization of marine pollution, contain toxic chemicals (biocides) that kill the bacteria that adhere to the surface. This also has a negative impact on the environment, so authorities are currently working to limit the use of such substances.

NORSelast® is one of the world’s strongest elastic materials, and it is mainly used where long life, high strength and good absorption of destructive energy are desired. The material is an elastomeric polyurethane-based thermoset with polyether bonds that leads to a life span of 50-70 years in tough maritime environments. The material is used in oil and gas, fishing and farming, shipping and boat, renewable aquaculture energy, seismic and defense.

Research team

The project group consists of Strukturplast as project manager and initiator, Inhibio as an expert on antibacterial substances that counteract growth, Norner and Aquateam COWI as test institute and R&D partners and Selstad as test partner. The project will carry out microbiological analyzes, chemical analyzes, surface analyzes and mechanical analyzes. The project will test chemical environmentally friendly substances, surface structure and production processes to create the world leading material NORSelast® AF.

The project period is 3 years, with project start in Q1 2018. The budget is 24.600.000 NOK and is founded 50% by the Norwegian Research Council.

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Phone: (0047) 97 11 38 83

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