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NORSelast® is a preffered material in many solutions for the subsea and offshore industry. Mainly based on its unique and durable properties. Tailormade components to protect equipment from detonations, impact, wear and tear has been developed based on NORSelast® and saved this industry for several of millions.

Destructive energy in the form of shock , vibration, tensile , abrasion , etc. leads to reduced equipment life , and high maintenance costs . We offer customized molded solutions based on NORSelast®, one of the world's strongest elastic materials as protection against destructive energy . With a tensile strength up to 50 MPa and a life expectancy of up to 70 years in the demanding maritime environment is NORSelast® a natural material on elastic components of the subsea industry.

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NORSelast® is used for tailormade fender solutions and other components exposed to severe destructive energies in the Marine Industry. Its long lifetime in rough marine environments, tensile strength and anti corrosive properties makes NORSelast® a preffered material for protective purposes in this industry. As a coating on foamed materials or other components, NORSelast® can provide excellent protection and still keep the weigh at a minimum.

The external skin formation of polyurethane products makes them extremely resistant to penetration by water and well suited for subsequent surface treatment. Many boats and marinas have been taken care of over the years with the help from tailor made protective equipment such as fenders and foils developed by us. We also make a variety of accessories such as clammers, jettylinks and buffers for marinas as well as seats and arm supports for different types of boats.

Additionally to tailormade solutions, we can offer our clients some standardized fenders for marinas.

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Because of the supreme abrasion resistance, NORSelast® is a preffered material in many constructions industries. As a protection in mining industry, sandblasting industry, concrete industry and also in road work and tunnels NORSelast® can provide good durable solutions. Components in NORSelast® is also well suited as soft durable barriers in different traffic areas.

Our production is based on individualized solutions for each customer. Whether you present to us an idea, a sketch or a finished product drawing, we will provide professional assistance throughout the entire process, leading to production of the desired product in terms of both design and properties.

We have an inhouse workshop for modeling and mould development, updated technology and machinery for aluminium fabrication to supply ourselves with components used for hybrid solutions, as well as different types of moulding machines and equipment. All this combined with skilled and competent workers with considerable experience leads us to be a preferred supplier to our clients.

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