Why NORSelast?

Increase your margins by absorbing destructive energies

Increase lifetime and reduce cost.

Increase security and reduce maintenance.

Protect and improve your solutions.

NORSelast's properties makes it almost indestructible

Tensile strength of 50 MPa

SINTEF documented tensile strength makes NORSelast® one of the worlds strongest elastic materials. A tensile elongation of 600% and good memory in combination with high tensile strength makes NORSelast® an excellent material in components that will be exposed to extreme strain. With elastic properties down to below -30 degrees Celcius also makes NORSelast® a good choice in arctic environments.

Better abrasion resistance than steel

NORSelast® has supreme abrasion resistance compared to most other materials. It is documented that NORSelast® can withstand sandblasting much better than even HARDOX® Steel. NORSelast® in combination with steel or other materials have resulted in innovative solutions that expanded the lifetime of equipment in abrasive environments significantly.

Estimated lifetime of more than 50 years

NORSelast® is a polyether based Solid PU which makes it excellent for maritime and outdoor environments. NORSelast® has resilience to hydrolysis which makes it robust to degradation and abrasion in the harshest environments with a combination of sea water and strong forces of nature as well as sun light during transport and storage.

What is NORSelast?

One of the worlds strongest elastic materials


The NORSelast® material is developed by Strukturplast AS.  We have more than 40 years of experience as a cooperative partner developing sustainable solutions for the better future.  We offer tailormade casted components based on NORSelast® –one of the world’s STRONGEST elastic material. 

NORSelast® is a Solid PU developed in cooperation with the world leading experts on polyurethane chemicals. It is optimized to last long in harsh environments in the North Sea, both subsea and above surface.

NORSelast® is a hot-curing multicomponent polyurethane system. It is normally casted into molds to make tailored components either as pure NORSelast®-components or in combination with other materials.

NORSelast® has good bonding properties to most other materials and is therefore a brilliant choice as matrix material in composite solutions.

NORSelast® is normally used to increase lifetime on equipment by developing special components to absorb destructive energies that equipment is exposed for.

A spraying technique also allows us to use the NORSelast® as an in mold coating or coating of external geometries as reinforcement or protection on components made of other materials.


NORSelast® is produced by Strukturplast AS in Norway on specially built machines and under the strictest control of the complete process. Since this is a curing material all factors might affect the result and therefore regular calibrations and testing is done at least once a day.

The machines log all casts so we know for sure that the settings and the recipe always is correct.

The properties can also be tailored depending on application within a specific range to optimized them according to hardness/stiffness, temperature resistance, color etc.

Our team are more than willing to share some of our 40 years of experience with development and casting of polyurethane components to help you find the best material solution for your application.

So please don’t hesitate to contact us or come and visit us for a free counseling on your challenge or idea.


Durable protection for future generations

Sustainability and Climate

NORSelast® is a sustainable material and contribute as a part of the green change concerning climate challenges in several ways.

Solutions based on NORSelast® contributes to increase lifetime of equipment, which again reduce the need for production of new equipment, transport of new equipment and production and transport of spare parts.

The relative low weight of approximately 1100g/liter also reduce the emissions from transporting the equipment in the first place.

Health, Safety and Environment

In addition NORSelast® itself as material does not contain any harmful substances and is totally energy recyclable.

NORSelast® is produced under the strictest regulations according to quality assurance with a high focus on health, safety and environment. This is ensured through dedicated Handbooks developed according to ISO standards, and a broad involvement from the whole production organization through deviation reporting systems.

NORSelast® is produced according to relevant laws and regulations to ensure a safety in production and minimize influence on the environment and climate.

Social responsibility

NORSelast® is based on well proven technology and raw materials with origin in EU/EØS.

Strukturplast acknowledges the responsibility to respect human rights and decent working conditions. We also embrace diversity and actively cooperate with local public institutions to facilitate for employees with special needs. These principles are embedded in the documents Strukturplast code of Ethics and Business conduct and Strukturplast Transparency Act Declaration. Suppliers and business partners are encouraged to comply with these standards.

Facing the high cost challenge in addition to climate changes, the industry simply can not afford not exploiting more of the benefits with NORSelast® in their applications to increase lifetime and achieve more sustainable solutions in the years to come.

Vision and Strategy

With one of the strongest elastic materials and ambisious owners, NORSelast® will be the global standard material for many applications in the future.

The polyurethane industry is the fastest growing plastic industry in the world, and global enterprises are developing their own strategic focus on more use of plastic solutions in their applications right now.

NORSelast® is a part of a national Norwegian competence group of Plastics and Composites.